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    July 17, 2019
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  • Postal Pay Issues
    Updated On: Oct 19, 2018

    10-19-18 Update from APWU HQ

    Please see the attached PDF which is a stand up talk that resolves the issue of pay advances for all hours including overtime.

    10-18-18 Update from APWU HQ

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,  
    Management informed the APWU that beginning today management will be starting to manually input pay adjustments for the missing pay—which was mostly overtime--for pay period 21-2018.  They will begin with the individuals who are missing the most hours of pay.  They plan on having the majority of pay adjustments inputted and submitted so that the pay will appear on the next pay check.  
    Management has taken the position that pay advances will not be given for overtime.  Consistent with the information provided in my previous email, any individual that is missing 8 hours of pay or more can request a pay advance.  If management denies the pay advance the individual may file a grievance locally. 

    10-17-18 Update from APWU HQ

    Update on Payroll Issue

    This is management’s error and the responsibility is on management to compensate the employees correctly and timely. It is our position that any employee who is missing at least 8 hours of pay regardless if it is straight time, holiday or overtime pay is entitled an Emergency Salary Advance.

      An employee may request and management is authorized to do an Emergency Salary Advance in accordance with the Postmaster’s Field Guide, Handbook F-101-Field Accounting Procedures, and PS-Form 2240 (Attached).

    According to the Postmaster’s Field Guide: Policy and Procedure 54.1:

                    Payroll Work or Leave Hours Adjustments

    When an employee receives a salary check that is substantially less than the amount due, a payroll adjustment authorized by the postmaster, manager, or supervisor is required.

    1. If the employee requests an emergency salary due to a salary check received that is less than the amount due, in addition to the payroll adjustment, the postmaster, manager, or supervisor must also complete an emergency salary authorization.

    2. If the actual net amount cannot be determined for an emergency salary authorization, management may authorize an amount equal to 65 percent of the estimated gross as a guideline to calculate the net amount due.

    Note: An interim emergency salary is not authorized for the following:

    • Claims less than a full day of pay.

    • Terminated employees.

    • Equipment maintenance allowance (EMA).

    • Employee business expense (EBE).

    • Back pay awards.

    Language in the F-101 Field Accounting Procedures Section 23-3, the language is very similar:

    23-3.1 Overview

    23-3.1.1 Authorized Conditions

    Postmasters and supervisors are authorized to issue emergency salary to an employee in the following circumstances:

    1. An employee receives a salary check that is substantially less than the amount due. Use AIC 554.
    2. An employee does not receive a salary check, which is listed in the payroll register as being issued. Use AIC 754.
    3. New employees, including casuals, do not receive a salary check due to a late PS Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action. Use AIC 554.

     See part 23-3.2 for information on issuing an authorized emergency salary.

    23-3.1.2 Unauthorized Conditions

    Postmasters and supervisors are not authorized to issue emergency salary in the following circumstances:

    1. The direct deposit amount is validated in the payroll register. The employee must contact his or her bank for resolution.
    2. The claim is for less than a full day of pay.
    3. The employee has been terminated.
    4. For equipment maintenance allowance.
    5. For an employee business expense.
    6. For back pay awards.
    7. For grievance settlements, if payment is due to the employee within 60 days.
    8. Employee receives a check and the check is subsequently lost or destroyed. (Follow procedure in part 23-1.6.)

    We have received two emails from APWU HQ regarding a pay issue. Here is the information:

    With the recent changes to the USPS payroll software a significant issue has been identified.  Career employees are not being paid overtime.  We are aware of it at headquarters and have already been in contact with the Postal Service.  They are working on it and trying to identify the problem.  As we get more information we will update you. - APWU HQ

    USPS Response-

    Regarding the payroll issue you contacted me about this morning, nearly 90,000 individuals, all APWU bargaining unit employees, are anticipated to be impacted by a payroll error this week.  The individuals will fall into three categories:

    1. Individual will receive no pay
    2. Individual will receive only one week’s pay
    3. Individual will receive the base pay, but no overtime

    It is unknown at this time how many individuals fall into each category and the locations.  Those affected individuals will be provided the option to receive a salary advance at their local office.  I’ll provide more details about the situation and solution as I receive it. 


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